Cellular Immunology

The Choi’s Lab, also named as "Cellular Immunology Lab" is interested in the molecular and cellular basis of the immune response and immunomodulation in various diseases. Je-Min Choi, Ph.D., and his team study T lymphocytes regarding both how they contribute autoimmunity and how we could modulate their functions for therapeutics in human diseases. T cells are originated from hematopoietic stem cells, matures in the thymus, and plays a central role in immune response. Although large variety of T cell clones are beneficial to fight against diverse pathogens, their possible reactivity to self-antigen should be tightly controlled by central and peripheral tolerance system. Thus, understanding of antigen specific T cell functions and immune tolerance is crucial to understand human diseases caused by abnormalities in immune system like aut ...

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1. Dickkopf-2 regulates the stem cell marker LGR5 in colorectal cancer via HNF4α1 Shin JH, Jeong J, Choi J, Lim J, Dinesh RK, Braverman J, Hong JY, Maher SE, Amezcua Vesely MC, Kim W, Koo JH, Tang W, Wu D, Blackburn HN, Xicola RM, Llor X, Yilmaz O, Choi JM, Bothwell ALM.
2. Induction of the IL-1RII decoy receptor by NFAT/FOXP3 blocks IL-1β-dependent response of Th17 cells Kim DH, Kim HY, Cho S, Yoo SJ, Kim WJ, Yeon HR, Choi K, Choi JM, Kang SW, Lee WW.
3. LRR domain of NLRX1 protein delivery by dNP2 inhibits T cell functions and alleviates autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Koo JH, Kim DH, Cha D, Kang MJ, Choi JM.
4. Bystander CD4+ T cells: Crossroads between innate and adaptive immunity. Lee HG, Cho M, Choi JM.


The Choi Lab

(Cellular Immunology)


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We are looking forward to work with a person who is self-motivated, passionated. If you are interested in a member of our team as a graduate student, a postdoctoral position, a technician, a staff, etc., please feel free to contact to Dr. Choi at jeminchoi@hanyang.ac.kr 

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